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You can email me at!



Women Write About Comics did an awesome, super in-depth interview with me!

The Comics Journal - Webcomics Capsule Reviews (#4) thinks I'm cool!

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Q. Who is responsible for this?

My name is Andi! I make comics! >>

My favorite things in the entire world are King of the Hill, Reel Big Fish, and deviled eggs. I'm a mildly popular drag king, I live in Los Angeles, collect tattoos, used to be a professional game designer, and have a heavily Americana influence because I secretly goddamn love Archie comics.

Q. Okay, okay. Wait, you made video games?

I sure did! You might have even played some.

Q. Thanks to this comic I can't get enough of that sweet, sweet ectoplasmic goodness, where else can I see a degenerate with a mohawk blow their freelance paychecks on cigarettes and new mugs?!

Today is your lucky day because I have a Twitter! I am not used to posting a lot on it, but I'm trying. I also have a Tumblr, which I also have no idea how to do right.

Q. I have a burning question for you that must be answered at once.

Y'all should tweet at me @SuitedDevil, or send me an email at I constantly procrastinate by checking my email so I am A++

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